Aid Projects

Members of Parliament were shown descriptions of foreign aid projects  related to communication and asked to rate their support for individual projects. For example, one project shown to Members of Parliament involved developing regional communication capabilities and included the following features:

  • Builds a communication infrastructure using accessible broadband networks
  • Provides the needed infrastructure to ensure long lasting stability of that network
  • Grants more access to higher quality of and lower prices for information and communications technology services


The following table contains data collected on the support for communication-specific aid projects among members of Parliament. The level of support is shown on a scale from -5 to 5.

BrazilNicolas Cruz4
BrazilValentina Ferreira4
BrazilFelipe Machado5
BrazilPedro Rosa0
BrazilNicole Neto1
BrazilEnzo Vieira3
BrazilSarah Melo5
BrazilAna Julia Cunha2
BrazilSophia Moraes3
BrazilAlice Jesus5
BrazilEduardo Alves5
BrazilMaria Luiza Carvalho-2
BrazilBeatriz Rodrigues5
BrazilBernardo Pereira0
BrazilManuela Dias4
BrazilGustavo Nunes5
BrazilCauã Filho5
BrazilVitor Soares0
BrazilGuilherme Castro3
BrazilLuiza Barbosa5
BrazilMaria Clara Goncalves5
BrazilIsabelle Andrade0
BrazilPietro Nascimento3
BrazilYasmin Junior4
BrazilGabriela Silveira4
BrazilVinicius Fernandes5
BrazilRafael Martins5
BrazilLara Costa5
BrazilPedro Henrique Rocha4
BrazilGabriel Teixeira3
BrazilHenrique Lima4
BrazilRafaela Souza5
BrazilMaria Eduarda Almeida4
BrazilAna Luiza Ribeiro4
BrazilMiguel Pinto3
BrazilGiovanna Freitas0
BrazilLaura Santos5
BrazilLetícia Sousa5
BrazilJúlia Campos4
Average Support3.44