About Us

We believe the best choices are made when they are backed by understanding and evidence. That is why we have decided to start bridging the knowledge gap between foreign aid donors and recipients. Foreign donors often know too little about the views of legislators regarding development projects. Yet, as you may know, parliaments can matter a great deal in the approval and allocation of aid.

As university researchers working with AidData, we are therefore undertaking a new initiative to invite members of parliaments across the world to endorse development projects. On this website the collected results will be made available to the donors and the public in order to inform them about the strength of parliamentary support for different types of projects.

You can learn more about AidData at aiddata.org or by performing an English Google search for “data on foreign aid,” “information on development assistance,” or “aid data” and selecting the top result.

Michael Findley, University of Texas at Austin

Allen Hicken, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Allen Hicken

Daniel Nielson, Brigham Young University

Joel Selway, Brigham Young University

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